Monday, May 18, 2020

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Share one with every friends.  Maximum 100 days employment per family per year

Objective of the scheme: The objective of the scheme is to guarantee maximum 100 days employment per family per year to the families living in rural areas.

Eligibility Criteria: Under the scheme, adult members of all rural families who are willing to do manual labor and unskilled work to get paid employment can avail the benefit of this scheme.

Benefits / Assistance of the Scheme: The job card holder provides employment to the rural family for a maximum of 100 days and also provides useful individual and collective infrastructural facilities in the rural area.

 Procedure: Families seeking employment have to request 15 consecutive days of employment in written / oral form before the concerned village / taluka panchayat.  Due to such demand, the job card holder family will have to start work in 15 days by the gram panchayat and provide employment.  The program officer will issue a weekly e-muster for that.  The work will be started by the gram panchayat, the muster will be maintained and the program will send Oxir for payment.  Taking the measurements of the work done by the office of the program executor, the wages payable in proportion to the work done by the worker will be credited to the bank post account of that family within 15 days.  Workers' Aadhaar card details can also be attached voluntarily.

 Implementing Office / Agency / Organization: Implementation of scheme works Gram Panchayat |  Taluka Panchayat |  District Panchayat, Relevant Departments of Government, Center |  Public enterprises of the state government, reputed non-governmental organizations and self-help groups will do.  The District Development Officer is the District Program Coordinator at the district level.

Other conditions: Shade in the workplace, medicines for immediate treatment, drinking water and kindergarten facilities if there are more than five children below 5 years.  Com Relief, Social Audit and Grievance Redressal, E-F.  like this .  S.  The method of payment of wages of the workers directly to the account of the worker, if the employment cannot be provided within the time limit of 15 days as per the demand of the work, the family will have to comply with the conditions of unemployment allowance, etc.

 How will workers be paid weekly work?

 The technical assistant will submit the measured and measured muster assistant to the taluka program officer. The muster will be noted in the muster register of the taluka after the muster has been measured and returned.  It will be checked. Check the payment details of each measured muster  It will be signed by the Assistant Taluka Program Officer.  After the above action is taken, the Taluka Development Officer will approve the muster and the scales for payment.  Daily data entry will be done by the Coordinator. The bill approved by the Taluka Development Officer will be pre-audited. For payment by post, five copies of the original forms will be prepared.  Account pay for account holders  Payment will be made by one Payment data entry is done by MISCO-Coordinator.

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